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12-16-2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by cat400 View Post
Larry Brooks of The New York Post has an interesting article regarding the NHL's legal filing against the NHLPA.

NHL fears Fehr itself

"The combination of restrictions proposed by the NHL leading into and throughout the lockout is designed to limit the impact of free agency and funnel players toward teams they might not consider given a full plate of options.

Yet there is the NHL in Paragraph 62 suggesting every player in the league become a free agent if the NHLPA were permitted to disclaim or decertify.

“[Existing] contracts ...[would be] void and unenforcable by law,” in the league’s own words.

Goodbye Columbus!

And wouldn’t it just be grand if, under universal free agency, not a single player would choose to sign with Jeremy Jacobs’ Bruins?"
Players would never do that ,, No matter what dream world Brooks and others want to believe could happen

Players signed with Bill Wirtz ,, Even after his role in Alan Eagleson affair (Wirtz basically had puppet running NHLPA)

Players signed with Bill Wirtz even after his poor treatment of many team stars over years in contract disputes (Shaking JR's hand and saying he would be Hawk for life ,, Then trading him a year later to avoid giving him big contract for instance)

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