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12-16-2012, 11:44 AM
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A little more detail on "Sabres U" in latest Hockey News:

Instead of making layoffs, president Ted Black and vic-president of marketing Brent Rossi devised a new and exclusive concept: Sabres University. "It was really the direciton of Terry and Kim Pegula, who have a culture of growing and bettering ourselves within the organization," Rossi said. "During the lockout, they challenged us to come up with something that talked to that culture."

Students were given a leather binder, schedule, core curriculum and options for electives. Classes were three credits each anmd 30 credit hours were required to "pass" the semester. "It put everyone on an equal plane in terms of trying to learn more about how each of us does our job,", Black said.
Sounds like a concept often used in some occupations of mandatory continued education to maintain licensure or certification - I hadn't realized that credit quotas were in place that all employees had to meet. Initially, it had sounded like a goodwill / morale building program that the Sabres were using to pass the time and which their employees could choose at their option to participate in or not.

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