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Originally Posted by Kate View Post
I'm looking at it in the eyes of the DGM. I could NEVER speak for another person, but I could imagine if I were he, and I was able to play one game out of every 8 or 9, just waiting for the other guy to screw up, and my clock was ticking, I would look elsewhere. It seems that FLA doesn't care about the development of Morris, just Markstrom. I've read all kinds of opinions on both goalies. Both have their fans. I'm just more a fan of Dov. That makes me one-sided. That's why I mentioned Foster. It seems like it's screw the Rampage, we care about Markstrom. God knows, they've put enough support into him. And don't over read into what I'm posting, I was just asking a question that STILL hasn't been answered.

Dov is one of the smartest hockey players I've had the pleasure of talking to (he did graduate from Harvard, after all). He knew when he signed that contract that Markstrom was (and is) the future of the Panthers and that this could possibly happen. Let's not forget that Dov was wasting away in some lower league over in Europe when the Panthers/Rampage came calling. They then rewarded him with an NHL two way deal this summer. I'm sure he's beyond grateful for the opportunity to even compete for a possible NHL job.

Bottom line, this is a business and the AHL is a "developmental" league. DGM understands this better than anyone. Not to mention, he's signed to a contract. He either goes along with the program or he can go play in the ECHL for less money.

My last post was just addressing your question about why the Rampage wouldn't trade DGM to another team for a chance to play. You don't trade away good depth to make everyone happy. Foster is fine as a backup, but like I said, if you trade away DGM, then Markstrom gets hurt, the Rampage are forced to go with Foster as a starter and Houser, who's never played a pro game, as the backup.

That's just crazy talk. Markstrom is getting all the playing time, because he is their future #1 goalie. He's never played a full season, and they need to know that he can handle it. Also, don't believe for a second that this is the only command that has come down from Florida regarding playing time for prospects.

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