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12-16-2012, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by THW View Post
Lets say this, you have an owner, he is wealthy enough by his own means to buy a team and fill it with the best players he can, the fans come in droves to watch a great team, run very well and who treats the fans and players with respect and admiration. If you tell the independently wealthy owner that he can only spend "X" amount on players and then he MUST give "X" amount of his profits, that he earned to other teams that are not run as well and who dont field a team that are capable of playing as well as the other teams in the league night in and night out, you are creating a league that doesnt support competition, its about a false parity. Parity is the downfall of sports, if you suck, why should you be rewarded? Not everyone is good, not every city deserves a team for whatever sport they want. If an owner cant afford to sign players, he should not be rewarded a crutch earned from other teams revenue. If you cant afford to field a team on par with the rest of the league, if the market does not support that team for any should not have a franchise, and to put a cap on the better run teams in markets that support those teams is dumb. Its the participation trophy. The owners that field teams and spend money and resources to put out a better product are being penalized for their success.
The NFL would beg to differ.....and they're the benchmark of how a successful sports league is run.

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