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12-16-2012, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by THW View Post
The owners need no skill, they are money men and they are successful. As far as your MLB comparo, who are the most successful teams lately? Tigers...lots of money to put a good team on the field and fans support to make them financially successful. Yankees...same. Giants...same...Marlins...Red Sox...Rangers...Cardinals...all big teams that spend big money. You have to spend money to put out a good product, with a good product comes good fan support and good fan support means you are capable of sustaining yourself. The whole viewership and attendance being lower is something can be argued with bad economy, I bet if it was broken down by region, like Tigers being watched in Michigan, Yanks in New York, Boston, etc..viewership is roughly the same as always. People will watch a good team with good owners and management and the opposite see less support. Paying more for a team of great players makesother owners either spend more to put a better product on the field or fold. Thats basic business, make a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.
Giants and Tigers World Series this year was one of the least watched World Series in YEARS.

Baseball's business model of spend outrageous amounts of money on average players just isn't very interesting anymore. It also excludes the owners of small market teams from ever being successful no matter how well run they are solely because they don't have as much money to spend. It is a ridiculous concept.

Well run teams should be able to spend a limited pool of money they that are given on the right talent and be successful. Not just spend more than others because you can.

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