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12-16-2012, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post

As per usually the negative spin is front and center for Kevin O and yourself. Someone needs to tell Kevin that earning 5 of 6 points is actually a good thing.

The Amerks just lost in a pretty tough manner and tried to look at positives, like earning 5 of 6 points. But of course that translates into not caring about the loss

You do realize Kevin O. interpreting their comments as not caring about the loss does not mean they didn't care about the loss. Its his take on things, and contrary to your interpretation, is not a fact. In fact it would be nice to see some actual quotes from the players, coaches, etc and not just his spin on their comments so we can interpret them ourselves.

Btw none of this means I have no issues with how they lost and that it shows that they can't seem to get over the mental hurdle of beating the Marlies. Thats definitely disturbing. Its like the reverse of the parent clubs for so many years. But the over the top pronouncement by you that they all have a losers mentality and it goes to the top is just that, an over the top pronouncement.
We're just going to have to agree to disagree. Kevin O was there, so his interpretation is what we have. I'm not worried about the week as a whole, just last night. That loss was simply unacceptable. If you can't protect a 1 goal lead for 2 minutes, there are major issues. Players and coaches should have been furious, that was a 2 point divisional swing that could have implications later on. Terrible. If the Sabres lost in that fashion, this place would melt down.

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