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12-16-2012, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Ragamuffin Gunner View Post
What about the NHL scouts that were laughing about the DP pick that IHWR was talking about? Do you trust their opinions over Shero's?
No -- it's all the same to me, so I might as well put my faith in the team I root for. All the scouts criticizing the pick have had their share of "bad" picks and oversights, so it makes no difference.

I'll go through this one last time, but let's look at the two players people are most lamenting passing over -- Grigorenko and Forsberg. Buffalo picked Grigorenko, and yet they also had Pouliot in their Top-10. So if you're endorsing their pick of Grigs you're also endorsing a scouting staff who had DP in the Top-10. And Washington drafted Forsberg, so if you're endorsing their pick, you're also endorsing a scouting staff who didn't even have Grigorenko ranked on their entire board. Do they know what they're doing, or not?

We all get entirely too caught up in rankings, and not the actual players.

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