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12-16-2012, 02:30 PM
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Simmed through a whole season... Fedor didn't even win the Art Ross... he only had 130 points. My sophmore Hossa regen won the Art Ross. So I nope'd out of that. Plus a ton of my guys lost stats. Even Fedor's physical attributes dropped quite a bit. Not having that... Fedor is naturally decreasing in physical stats a bit... three 19s now...

So I had 23 year old d-man who has put up two 100+ seasons in the AHL... I was planning to have him up on the main roster for part of the season but at the end of training camp I sent him down (no waivers required, could just send him). All of a sudden he fails to report in for practice. I call him back up and discipline him, he accepts it... then I try play him in games... still absent. His stats aren't even that great, just offensive ones are good. So I get an offer for him for some weak prospects and some picks. Traded Kevin Poulin (36) and him for a 29 year old back-up with better stats and a 1st... he was a 4th round pick. Then I find out my #3 d-man and Ovechkin dislike him... that's what you get for being a little *****!

Ooh and Stamkos and Hedman both signed in Tampa (where I traded that d-man to) this off season, kind of funny since they're both ending their careers and finally going to their actual teams. I like when EHM players end up on their actual teams after not being drafted there. Feels like they're "going home."

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