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12-16-2012, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
The players have five days to vote via Internet. We won't know the final results until at least Thursday late.
Or sooner but I agree that the official results if they indeed happen will likely be later in the week. Based on what I am hearing from (duh duh duh......) "people" it sounds like the players have already decided that they are in for a penny or in for a pound and that everyone involved is already aware that if/when the vote is indeed tabulated that it will go through.

Here's to hoping that this whole indeed does get settled before things have to get truly ugly.

Thought I would add this bit. (not part of my response directly to what you had written Ron, just put it here).

IF the NHLPA is allowed its DOI it can reorganize as quickly as it wants to but if it goes through with decertification then it has to wait 12 months before it can reorganize making things very interesting/difficult.

Another possibility by the way of the many things to consider is that the courts could rule that both parties have to sit down and try one more time for a reasonable agreement. There was some lawyer talk that was explained to me along with the way that the courts can work things regarding these types of situations and I may have totally misunderstood what I was being told but that is what I gathered based on what I was told.

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