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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
Yeah, that was my problem last year, as well, and I was unable to avoid the scores with most of them. Some of them, I did, though, as far as I remember. Getting to their VOD without spoiling anything is easy enough, but it then depends on how they're going to archive the games. For example, if you now click on CFL Games on Demand, they're archived nicely, giving just the two teams and no score, but with some other categories, you don't get headlines, you get the thumbnails with links to the games, and with those the scores are usually given, or at least were last year. I guess we'll know more when the pre-competition games start, but in any case, I think you and me both will have to work hard on focusing eyesight on a particular part of the screen for short periods of time to avoid catching anything that would spoil it for us
I'm thinking that the day before, I'll lay a piece of paper over my computer, then mark the spots in which a score could be revealed (such as a highlights), cut the other parts in which nothing will be spoiled, and try to get my way to the VOD like the CFL games. The problem is, I have to bookmark their video player, and not go to itself.

Hopefully, they do have it on demand.

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