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12-16-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
One things for sure and that's that the talent were more contracted during the O6 and therefore it was harder to score back then.
That being said, i voted on Bure first becouse he was such a stellar solitary fishing there in his offensive zone. Playing under Bossys circumstances he would have slaughtered that guys goal totals; Brett only got into this vote at all becouse of Adam Oates; Bobby was healthy all along and had Mikita, while Howe had Lindsay and Delvecchio. It was true the thing i once read on the back of a hockeycard that Bure could have scored 70 with a good playmaker by his side, in the dead puck era.
Actually, Bure's strength was carrying the puck top flight and not using teammates. A playmaker carrying the puck for him would probably have hurt his numbers. Now, if you want to make a case that a true breakout pass defenseman who could make that behind the net to center ice pass would have helped Bure's numbers, i would concur.

Originally Posted by Dennis Bonvie View Post
The same can be said for the early careers of Gretzky & Lemieux.
Those two were a much different case. ill just post a quote someone made that I completely agree with, which separated them from mere superstars.
Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
I consider Orr the greatest player I'll ever see, but that comment is somewhat short-sighted, IMO.

Mario, like Gretzky, was not simply another "1 way player".

When either of those two were on the ice, the entire shift for both teams to a large extent revolved around their presence, period. Regardless of whether or not they did anything on the shift. In that regard, they controlled the game. and their dominance over their opponents transcended any comparison. That is, "two-way" and other attributes typically (and correctly) associated with "normal" hockey players didn't matter.

And frankly, among all of the players I've seen since the 70s, they are the only two for whom such consideration didn't apply, for they were so above the rest.
Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
But we are talking about only goal scoring here not team play or 2 way play and it's not like other top notch goal scorers were known for their defensive play either is it?

And like Dennis Bonvie mentions Wayne and Mario also cherry picked earlier in their careers, like almost every player before the clutch and grab era would be allowed to do to a lesser or greater degree.
Errr, Bobby Hull especially Gordie Howe were both very good defensively. Furthermore Mike Bossy was good defensively.

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