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12-10-2003, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Darz
PLEASE PEOPLE don't battle amongst each other. Be strong. The dark side is trying to lure you in. It has already taken Gros Bill into it's grasp (way to NOT resist there Bill), let us not have any more casualties.

Oh. and by the way Mcphee, I hope by saying the pretzel is in your desk draw, you are throwing off any potential thiefs, I really hope it is in a more secure place than a desk draw.

I think maybe we should all claim that we are in posession of the salty grail to confuse those desperate leaf fans in their pursuit of our holy knotted snack.

That's right the pretzel is up here in Thunder Bay. Try to come and get it you filthy swines!!!!!

As keeper of the pretzel, I agree with you one hundred percent.

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