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12-16-2012, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kap-the-Head View Post
The depth is important, yes. However, this is not swimming or track, where you can have several athletes (read attempts) to win a gold for your country. The hockey tournaments are limited to 20+ guys per team, with one team per nation, that's it. So a nation does not have to have hundreds of super stars to be competetive, a dozen of stars and the rest of the guys that might not be well known can do the job, and we have seen it many times over. Depth does make it easier to be in a driver's seat when playing the game, but it is not, by far the most important factor, IMO. Canada produces most hockey players in the world, that's a fact! Does it automatically make you a number one? Not necessarily. Maybe a not a completely accurate example, nevertheless, it still applies: the US has 2.5 million registered soccer players, Spain has 629,000... and we all know how that pans out on the international stage. The Canadians are times better in hockey than the US at soccer, still, it shows that depth is not as important as some of you make it seem.
If Canada were to send two teams to the Olympics they could feasibly go gold and silver. No other nation in the world can even come close to that.

Depth won't win you individual tournaments, but in the grand scheme of things, it says alot about the talent of a nation.

And the US/Spain soccer example you gave doesn't really apply. That's quantity vs quality. The US has more players. I bet none of them would make team Spain. Canada has quantity and quality.

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