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12-16-2012, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by vBurmi View Post
Flacco is unbelievably terrible. I hope they can replace him this offseason. Great running back, great receivers, above average o-line and a defense that has given them tons of chances today, and Flacco is overthrowing wide open receivers, fumbling and throwing easy picks.

Put the backup in for the second half for all I care.
Wonder what's up with Flacco this year? In his first three years in the NFL, he showed steady progression. Last year was a bit of a setback although he posted some solid numbers. Was a good QB - top 10-12 in the league. NOt elite, but with the team Baltimore had around him, he didn't need to be elite to win a SuperBowl, just good.

Is it a nagging injury? Something mental? Game preparedness?

Regardless, if they go with someone else it can't be a rookie in the 2013 draft. They need to dip their hands in the free agent pool. Maybe someone like Alex Smith who is reported to be available (although I hope the Vikings snag him). Baltimore is in win-now mode. That defense is not getting any younger. For that matter, they are no longer dominant (top 5 in the NFL).

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