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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
No, it's not a special occasion.

Why would you fabricate such an obviously false argument? You must know for certain already that I would not bring it up if it were a special occasion. The fact that I' m bringing it up should in and of itself clue you in that it is general.

It's well known that Columbia is one of the largest real estate owners in New York. You go there, as an undergrad, grad, postdoc, or faculty, and you'll get very cheap accomodation.

I mean honestly arguing with you is really annoying here. I bring up a fact, which you know has to be general, and you invent the argument that is has to be a special occasion ... what's the matter with you? Why not simply acknowledge that this is a factor you were not aware of?
From the website itself:

The UAH inventory consists of apartment shares and dormitory-style rooms. There are also a limited number of studio/efficiency, one bedroom, and two bedroom units for which priority is given to couples and families. Most student housing is located within walking distance of the campus in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. Students are also housed in Manhattan Valley, just south of Morningside Heights, and in Washington Heights, just north of Morningside Heights. Additionally, students are housed in Riverdale, Bronx, in a new facility known as The Arbor, which opened in 2008. Weekday shuttle service to and from The Arbor is provided.
The number and type of student housing units available for rent at any given time varies throughout the year. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that students will be housed in accommodations that satisfy their first preference in terms of type, location, and price range. To enable us to offer you the best assignment, it is important that you indicate as many acceptable types of housing as possible and note any special circumstances in the comments section of your housing application.

Basically your argument is this:

1) My friend goes to Columbia and got a good deal on housing.
2) Therefore, everyone at Columbia gets a good deal on housing.


And no, you cannot get a high-quality apartment in downtown Montreal for 700/month, never mind one with a respectable landlord who will cover repairs and such issues on time and properly.
I just told you that I get a three bedroom apartment for $1200, 30 minutes away from McGill. That is a whopping $400 a month for rent. Last time I checked, 400 is a lot smaller than 700.

Columbus is a major city with a population of 1.7 million.

I'm sure you think of it as "the middle of nowhere", but you know what I've heard ignorant people call Montreal? "The middle of nowehere" - lol.

When people insult a location they've never been to and know nothing about ...
Where did I insult Ohio? I said 'no ****' as in yeah, rent is probably low in Ohio. Is it really that surprising that rent is low in Ohio?

You need to calm down bro.

You could still get sick in your 20s even if you're less likely to.

One of my friends in grad school actually did get a tumour. It's not as common at age 25 as at age 65 but it still happens. She got good treatment. If it had happened in Montreal she might be dead now.
Yeah, I am sure she would be dead...

Two other factors are the cost of gasoline and the cost of plane tickets, I don't remember if they were mentioned or not, but they're both much higher in Canada than in the USA.
Two things that aren't really relevant to students.

Not everybody is as wealthy as you are. I certainly didn't have my own laptop, but I'm from a working-class background. I know a lot of people who did not have laptops of their own.
I can almost guarantee I come from a family with a lower income than you. My parents had a combined income of maybe $35K throughout my life. I just made a priority to get a computer for myself for school, go figure.

Honestly you're coming off as clued out. You want people to use the computers in their libraries? Are you completely and utterly insane? What do you expect them to do when they have an idea at 3am -- walk to the library which is closed at 3am and walk back? How do you expect them to work when they're travelling?
Then, uhm, buy a computer? I really don't understand this. For a student, a lap top is the number 1 need. Also, if one has an idea at 3 AM, you know, they could pick up a pen and write it down on a piece of paper.

And I thought we were talking about people who 'couldn't afford' lap tops. But now you are including traveling? Who the hell can't afford a lap top for school but can regularly go travelling?

It just makes no sense to me. Where is the logic here:

I want my university to pay for my lap top!
Well, sorry, we don't have enough funds to buy everyone lap tops. But we have computer laps in the library you are free to use.
Well, that is inconvenient! I quit my PhD!

It's already happening. Montreal was once Canada's financial center, it's been on a steady trajectory of decline for 40 or 50 years. It did improve under the Charest Liberals but that is over now.
London was the world's financial center at one time too, things change. That doesn't mean Montreal is turning into a 'second or third world backwater city.' I have spent a lot of time in developing countries, to even say something like that is hilarious (although that statement is hardly new).

The roads are dilapidated and bridges fall on people, the olympic stadium is an international joke, and at McGill you can't find a clean bathroom without looking hard.
=third world city, amidoingitrite?

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