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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
Oh, man! I'm gonna miss your analysis, big time.

And i had my list - of guys who should be on this 2way list - ready. Guys like:
All of these guys didn't make the RelCorsi cutoff:
But also...

Travis Zajac (RelCorsi -3.8, Corsi -4.35)
Only played 15 games... sample size too small to look at.

Jordan Staal (RelCorsi 4.6, Corsi 12.02)
He fell off of the list because of problems with the formula. He has a solid Corsi, but because he's on such a strong team his RelCorsi isn't that great. RelCorsi is good because it reduces team effects, but being on an elite team like the Penguins kinda killed him a bit... next season will be a better test.

Nick Backstrom (RelCorsi 3.75, Corsi 8.61)
Too sheltered from tough forward competition to be considered. -0.272 RelQoC as the Laich line and 3rd line took all the tough minutes.

Marion Hossa (RelCorsi 1.9, Corsi 7.49)
Those numbers aren't actually that great considering he was pushed to the OZS 59.0% and didn't face tough competition (0.29 RelQoC). He had similar numbers in Corsi and pts/60 as Wellwood with similar usage.
Also, loses in the OZS>OZF department.

Henrik Zetterberg (RelCorsi 6.1, Corsi 10.38)
See Staal.
Also, loses in the OZS>OZF department.

David Backes (RelCorsi 5.6, Corsi 10.45)
Exact same reasoning as Staal.

Mikko Koivu (RelCorsi 6.1, Corsi -8,17)
Opposite of Backes and Staal. He had one of the least negative corsis on a team that EVERYONE (except one) was negative.

Better late than never
Only 2 exams left to go!!

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