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Originally Posted by Section103 View Post
Some main problems I see with the Spits (obviously there are many). These are things that frustrate me when watching them.

1. First pass is absolutely abysmal (linked to giveaways)
2. Nobody in front of the opposing net (we need more "garbage goals", not the perfect play).
3. Power play (although better in some recent games) just sucks. You can't even tell they have the man advantage.
4. Bad decision making all around

Now when I look at these issues (besides #4), I can't help but wonder -- is it more of a coaching problem?

Everyone is ragging on the players, but I'm starting to wonder if coaching is becoming the real issue.

That's probably the unpopular opinion around here, but it's my $0.02

I don't have the inside information most of you do. This is just coming from my observations as a STH and fan who used to play at a semi-high level, as well as coach.

I have to agree with you sec103.something is missing in the coaching as were making the same mistakes over and over.

We dont know how to properly come out of our own end,PP is in disarray,watched what kitts did with Czinder on their PP, they stuck the big body in front of the net.Something i used to yell about when Czinder was with us to no avail.,Backhands are weak and not used even when we have open net, guys are spinning around,practice this stuff and get the kids with more power with these simple fundamentals.Coaching is lazy IMO.

Watched the livestream fromSaginaw and DeKort isnt ready yet for a regular rotation which is diappointing.but the guys played with no intensity.

I would dismiss Matsos and quit with the friendship BS and get a experienced knowledgeable guy to be an assistant.Just showing losing DJ was huge.

Lets start Reloaded2 and get some picks and some character guys that will play Spitfire hockey.Lets build out from Verbeek,Graeme,Sanvido,Ho Sang,DeKort,Kuchmey,Brown,Seiloff etc.

I will be glad when Kerby's time is up with us.Im not blaming him but I never saw a team that didnt have prob. when the coach/GM kid is on the team.The atmosphere is never good.

To me Vail and Johnson are prime to be dealt for some good assets at the deadline.No one is safe except our rookies to build from.

And we have to state what makes a player for Spitfire Hockey and only draft that way.I believe that OS will pay big for a Vail type to be able to compete with London in the div. final.I hope we dont make the playoffs, will do us no good.

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