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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Basically your argument is this:

1) My friend goes to Columbia and got a good deal on housing.
2) Therefore, everyone at Columbia gets a good deal on housing.

I know several other people who went through Columbia, it's general knowledge that they provide housing.

Your link only says that not everybody gets their first choice. That's also true of private sector housing: you don't always get your first choice. They're just covering their legal ass. When I showed up in Canberra I was turned down for the first private sector apartment I applied for, probably because somebody else applied for it first. It's not a deep thing.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I just told you that I get a three bedroom apartment for $1200, 30 minutes away from McGill. That is a whopping $400 a month for rent. Last time I checked, 400 is a lot smaller than 700.
Obviously you save money if you have lots of roommates. That is true everywhere as far as I know.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Yeah, I am sure she would be dead...
I don't think it's a certainty, it's merely more likely.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Two things that aren't really relevant to students.
They're both relevant to students.

Gas is relevant to most people.

International students like to be able to visit their families once a year.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I can almost guarantee I come from a family with a lower income than you. My parents had a combined income of maybe $35K throughout my life. I just made a priority to get a computer for myself for school, go figure.
OK, so you come from a more privileged background, as I expected from your attitude. My family had a household income of maybe ~25K when I was growing up.

"I needed a laptop, so I bought a laptop" - lol, nobody from an underprivileged background ever, EVER, states that having and needing are equivalent. If you were truly ever underprivileged you would know that just because you need something doesn't mean you have it.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
Then, uhm, buy a computer? I really don't understand this. For a student, a lap top is the number 1 need. Also, if one has an idea at 3 AM, you know, they could pick up a pen and write it down on a piece of paper.
The employer should pay for business expenses. Not just the computer, but also a desk and office and heating and (clean) bathrooms.

Quebec universities need more funding.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
And I thought we were talking about people who 'couldn't afford' lap tops. But now you are including traveling? Who the hell can't afford a lap top for school but can regularly go travelling?
I was able to afford both in graduate school.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
It just makes no sense to me. Where is the logic here:

I want my university to pay for my lap top!
Well, sorry, we don't have enough funds to buy everyone lap tops. But we have computer laps in the library you are free to use.
Well, that is inconvenient! I quit my PhD!
Absolutely, if you're in an unsupportive environment, you should leave for greener pastures.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
London was the world's financial center at one time too, things change. That doesn't mean Montreal is turning into a 'second or third world backwater city.' I have spent a lot of time in developing countries, to even say something like that is hilarious (although that statement is hardly new).
London is still a major financial center and still dominates NY in many categories.

Look at what's happening to Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal right now. They are losing first-world status.

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