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Originally Posted by Corky View Post
I’ll jump in the cost of living discussion here and mention that Montreal is cheap when compared to other major and larger cities in the US (Chicago, NY, Los Angeles, Boston) but definitely more expensive than US cities of the same size when factoring in heavy taxes and lower salaries.
You can’t just look at cost of living without looking at after tax average income.
In a way, you are both right. For a student who does not earn much, Montreal is cheap because the lower salaries and higher tax do not come into play (apart from sales tax, of which you get back a portion). For someone that works full-time in a professional type job, Montreal is expensive compared to other cities.
In regards to tuition fee, the students made their own bed last spring and will receive an education that is of less and less quality. I just hope they decrease the services to students and not ask more of taxpayers. I’ll send my kids to Ontario or the US for college.
That's a good point. Part of the reason that Montreal seems more expensive are lower salaries and higher taxes. Though I maintain many things such as clothing, gas, airplane tickets, rent/housing are indeed more expensive than in the USA.

As a trivial examples, one of my neighbors here in Canberra, Australia works as a cashier at a Zellers-type store. His salary is $22/hour. In Montreal, it would be $10.50 an hour. That has to be accounted for when comparing living costs, which are indeed higher here ... though not twice as high.

Anyway, my discussion with Budha is a little fragmented, so I'll briefly summarize:

Quebec needs to invest more into its universities if it wants a prosperous future, otherwise at sometimes it will fall far behind. Right now, academics in Quebec typically get lesser salaries and business expense allowances than similar academics in US institutions. Facilities are inadequate and dirty. That can always be done on a short-term basis, but if maintained on a long-term basis there will be tremendous socioeconomic costs.

Asking academics to cover many of their business expenses as Budha suggests, which is not done elsewhere, in spite of the fact salaries are lower in Quebec, is not a solution.

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