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Originally Posted by zetterberg40 View Post
I am a hockey buying enthusiast so there is my input:, great site, great deals and they always have a coupon. They don't have as many sick deal as hockey giant but their site is the most organized of them all. Order with confidence, A, Edit: one gripe: they never updated their products, every once in a while i will click items and it will say "sold out".. how about you update it then and pull it off the site?, just needs to fix their site up, i just don’t like it. Products are very solid, decent price and have a lot of coupons.

epuck, used them years ago.. prices are steep but if they do not have your product, they used to call me and tell me what else is comparable for my liking.
B+, solid prices but they essentially lost my business. I have used them once and this is what happened. I made an order for $119 bucks. They charged my card for that, and hit my card with two more random charges of 98 bucks and 105. Their customer service is BRUTAL, might be the worst i've seen yet in retail. It took them 5 days and the guy i was dealing with kept telling me he did something and it should be ok, then the next day he would say the same thing, ect.. it was annoying and unprofessional because he actually wasn’t doing anything. I would not use them, they don’t know what they are doing.

peranis is amazing but they are past their time. They are over-priced in their store and online and everything you can find there, you can find elsewhere for cheaper. Sorry, i know i should support a local Michigan based business but their costs are brutal. they were selling 3 year old inline skates for $400 still.. it's a joke.

Use hockeymoney or hockeygiant.
I can confirm this 100%. Their prices on the site match most others and they don't give you great deals.

The two times I used customer service I got these responses:

"I'm looking for a stick in the 100-150 price range that fits my stature, what do you recommend?"

"I recommend the Bauer TotalOne NXG"


"Hey do you have this stick made in this curve? Like do you know if it's made in that?"

"Yeah, I have no idea you can try calling back tommorow since it's late and asking them"

Then again, IW seems like a nice group of guys but their customer service is pretty bad as well. They seem nice in their videos on YouTube but really have no idea what they are talking about. They couldn't tell me if a Shin Guard was made improperly when i've heard from virtually every other person who has it that it is.

I'll stick to a local pro shop, Eleven Hockey, and HockeyMonkey if I need to.

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