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12-16-2012, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by OrrCam View Post

Hey thanks for the lesson Mr. Tarasov, but I was watching and learning this game probably while you were still dunking cherios. But if you think Luongo is worth the farm, then you're the one who needs lessons in goaltending and the game of hockey. No need to apologize. You I'm sure would know that it's difficult to gloss over arrogance and impossible to hide ignorance. And I can't force you to be right.

I just love it when you express an opinion on these forums, and out of nowhere comes an absolute "know it all" who just thrives on making it personal. Love it!!! So...Anatoly, as the great GB Shaw would say, you and I together know everything there is to be known in this world. You know everything except the fact that 'you need lessons in the game of hockey', and I know that!

Yes Luongo made a big save in OT in the GMG, but he hasn't exactly been renown for making that big save when it's needed throughout his career (ask Mike Gillis....after he deals him). And if I recall he was less than stellar on the Parise goal with 30 or so seconds left in regulation to send the game into OT in the first place. Whether he was the 2nd, 3rd or 4th best goalie in that tournament is debatable. What's not debatable is that he sure as hell wasn't the best. As I recall, Broduer looked better than him much of the time.

So like I said earlier, IMO, he's vastly overrated and vastly overpaid. If Gillis gets an offer of a 1st from a top team or a 2nd from a bottom feeder, he should drive him and his debilitating contract to the airport and buy a lottery ticket on the way.

And chill man! You will gain nothing by calling me out for expressing an opinion on these boards....
That's why the goalie who holds the All Time wins title sat for more games than the so call over payed over hyped bum names Luongo.

Truly your opinion is just that, an opinion. Thanks for coming out by you've literally brought nothing to this thread of value and have only contributed to the mud slinging. So thank you for making this place so pleasant to talk hockey.

I will be the first to buy you an E cookie when everything you say comes true

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