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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Obviously you save money if you have lots of roommates. That is true everywhere as far as I know.
Having two roommates is hardly having 'lots.' Once again, Montreal has very low rent prices for a city it's size, I don't see why you keep arguing this.

They're both relevant to students.

Gas is relevant to most people.

International students like to be able to visit their families once a year.
Less than 10% of university students have cars, therefore, no, gas is not relevant to this discussion.

A once a year flight is hardly something to consider for 'cost of living.'

OK, so you come from a more privileged background, as I expected from your attitude. My family had a household income of maybe ~25K when I was growing up.

"I needed a laptop, so I bought a laptop" - lol, nobody from an underprivileged background ever, EVER, states that having and needing are equivalent. If you were truly ever underprivileged you would know that just because you need something doesn't mean you have it.
In what world does a family that makes $35K in Vancouver ever get labelled as 'privileged.'

Any single university student can afford a laptop. Low end laptops cost a whopping $200. I don't care where you grow up, if you can afford university tuition and living away from your family, you can afford a laptop. Christ, the vast majority of students have smart phones that are worth more than low-end laptops.

The employer should pay for business expenses. Not just the computer, but also a desk and office and heating and (clean) bathrooms.

Quebec universities need more funding.
Obviously they pay for desks, offices and heating. What the **** universities in Quebec are you talking about?

And no, they should not pay for personal computers.

I was able to afford both in graduate school.
: laugh:

Wait a second what happened to the poor little graduate student that cant pay for their own laptop and are eating peanut butter and kraft dinner?

You are something else.

Absolutely, if you're in an unsupportive environment, you should leave for greener pastures.
The grass is always greener on the other side.

London is still a major financial center and still dominates NY in many categories.

Look at what's happening to Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal right now. They are losing first-world status.
And Montreal is still dominant in categories for Canada, what's your point?

Greece, maybe. Spain, Italy, Portugal? Not a chance. These are high-medium income countries, not even comparable to developing countries.

You know, it's really funny. You seem to think I come from a privileged background and have a pretentious 'attitude.' It doesn't seem like you have ever set foot in a true third world country, considering you seem to think Montreal, Rome, Lisbon and Madrid are losing their 'first-world status.' Go live in Bogota or Lima for a year, and come back to me and say Montreal is turning into a 'backwater' city.

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