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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
i think, further to that point, there seems to be a trend in awards voting where a guy who peaked in the second half of the season gets more consideration than guys who were consistent all year, or who peaked in the first half. see: theodore vs. iginla, forsberg vs. naslund, thornton vs. jagr (not that i don't agree with at least two of those three decisions).

but what does is say about yzerman in '93 when he had the scorching hot end of the season, post-coffey trade, where he comes kind of close to catching up with lafontaine and oates, and still those two plus gilmour (who also had an extremely hot second half, after the andreychuk trade) all finish well ahead of yzerman in hart voting?
Maybe Carson needed to leave and Coffey needed to come over earlier? I dont think there's too much to be read into it except that maybe he didnt have the story of the other players and those guys and Lemieux had insane years themselves along with a lot of players in 93. It wasnt really Yzerman's best year though.

Honestly maybe it was just because at that point Yzerman was underrated? This article hints towards that (some quotes below).

"Steve Yzerman may be the best hockey player hardly anyone has heard of ...he's not even the most popular player on his own team."

"When hockey fans gather, they talk of the superstars - Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Eric Lindros. Somehow Yzerman's name doesn't come up."

"I think the fans, even here in Detroit, tend to take Stevie for granted," Red Wings Coach Bryan Murray says. "I think people have seen him skate and go quietly about his own business for so long that sometimes they forget he's even there."

"Steve leads the same way Gretzky leads," Coffey says. Neither guy says a whole lot. They don't talk just to be making noise. Nobody would doubt that Wayne Gretzky is a leader. It just kind of amazes me that Steve is taken so much for granted here in Detroit. This guy is a wonderful hockey player."

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