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12-16-2012, 10:17 PM
Holden Caulfield
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Ok, so I've posted the clock in the title, I'll try to keep it updated as much as possible. Please check the thread though, since the title will not always be updated. Hammer and Hank can edit the title as well, so if I am not online, please do so guys.

Just so everyones clear on how this works, I'll go over it. Once the person in front of you makes their selection, you have 6 hours to make your selection. They should be sending you a PM. The clock will only run from 8am CST to 2am CST. So since Canadian Airlines is up next, and I did not say the draft would start Sunday, his clock will run from 8am Monday morning until 2pm. If he has not selected, I will make the selection and the next person will be PMed and their clock will start. If your clock starts at say 10pm one night, 4 hours will run off and you have to make your selection by 10am the following morning (after 2 more hours have run off). You may make your selections on the off hours, but the next person's clock will not start until 8am.

We will try this. If we are running out of time, we'll see what can be done to increase the pace. Thanks.


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