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06-02-2006, 06:01 PM
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I don't mind the rule but my girlfriend was somewhat watching the game last night and doesnt know much about hockey but was wondering why the play was not wistled right away when it was clerly icing...(I can't remember which period..i think the 1st or 2nd)

No touch icing would be nice....
Another thing i wouldnt mind is perhaps making icing ilegal even when your shorth ended...why give the guys killing a penalty an advantage?

Finally, another rule i hope they look at is the right to dispute a call with video get either one dispute per game or one timeout...up to you which one you use. If your wrong in whatever you dispute you end up getting slapped with a delay of game penalty
I probably would keep every rule they introduced this year except for the location behind the net that the goaltender is not allowed to touch the puck within...

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