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Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
Hasn't the league already concede a gradual move to 50%?

So wouldn't the percentage be 55% dropping by 2% every year (which should be less than what's gained through revenue growth) until it hits 50%?
No, the plan both sides have been talking about would see an immediate drop to 50/50 with about $300M in "make whole" money for the players that wouldn't be counted against the cap or players' share. A 50/50 split given current revenue levels means a cap in the $59-62M range assuming the ceiling is calculated similarly to how it is now and how much the next CBA's benefits are worth. The NHL proposed a 1 year transition with a $70M cap but in 13-14 it'd drop down to wherever 50% of HRR puts it.

That's all negotiable, but the cap level doesn't change the amount of money the players get at all, so I expect things like contract rights or make whole money are going to take precedence over fighting over how the cap is calculated.

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