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12-16-2012, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Rals View Post
The prison was stupid, why doesn't some one just come with a rope, there's no guards outside.
It was a remote prison, pretty sure rarely anyone knew of it's existence.

Originally Posted by BlazingRoy View Post
agreed and on that note wasent the prison in like Africa or somewhere. How the **** did he get back to Gotham in 10 minutes. I guess theres like a transporter or a chunnel to gotham from there...
Could have gotten out, got to the nearest location, linked one of his homies and did his thing. That entire sequence didn't elapse over some hours, it was over months, even though the scene was like half hour but from the time he got there till he came back was like 6 months if I ain't mistaken. The time factor could have been a week from the time he got out till the time he got back.

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