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12-10-2003, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by fumanchou
To those who really believe that next year all of Audette, Quintal, Dackell, Juneau, Perrault will be gone ... WAKE UP. Just tell me you belive that this same moronic organisation that is not able now to send Audette packing instead of Hossa and plays Bouillon over Hainsey, will suddenly pull a 180 and kick out 5 vets and replace them with 5 rookies. COME ON. I'd like to see it happen but we have to stay realistic, it won't happen. I bet you some some of these so-called dead woods will be re-sign to new contracts or replaced by deadlier woods.
Wow, you REALLY know how to run a NHL franchise don't you?!? You're right on the money there, BG doesn't want the Habs to be a good and competitive team so next year he'll just hand out big fat contracts to players past their prime. Wow, that makes sooooo much sense! What you gotta realise his that he came here with his hands tied with a lot of huge contracts that he can't get rid off. Oh yeah, and BTW, Hossa was sent back because his work ethic wasn't up to par, and Hainsey was sent down because we wanted him to get more ice time. A little thing we call patience, my friend...

Originally Posted by Jag68Vlady27
Agreed 100%. So far this season, we've seen absolutely NO sign that this team is ready to turn things over to the youth. It's just not going to happen. Let's not forget, the announcement of the youth movement was something that already happened last summer. Therefore, next year will be Year 2 of the rebuilding plan, Canadiens style.
You're right, putting an eight rounder who has never played one NHL game in his life on our first line isn't a youth movement. Or the fact that Ribeiro and Bégin are ahead of Perrault and Juneau in the depth chart is just a way to show how we want a really old and weak team.

Originally Posted by Jag68Vlady27
There's no way they're going to even consider Kastsitsyn for a roster spot next season. If they wanted him ready to challenge for the big club in 2004-05, I doubt he'd be playing fourth line in Russia/second tier in CSKA 2 and not even playing against the very best players at the WJC (don't forget, Belarus won't be playing in the A pool this year). He still has to get adjusted to North America, and start playing at a higher level before coming over. Basically, this season is a complete waste.
The reason why Kastsitsyn isn't playing in N-A this year is because they couldn't agree on a contract. You should get your facts straight before complaining. Montreal (the poster) has addressed the fact many times that it is really hard for young players like Zherdev and Kastsitsyn to crack up russian line-ups.

Originally Posted by Jag68Vlady27
The Perreault's and Juneau's and Quintal's of the world will be replaced with more of the same. It's the way it's always been with this team, since they entered their mediocrity era.

P.S. Sorry about the rudeness, but I'm getting pissed of these kind of posts....

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