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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I am still having trouble understanding something:

Apparently in Ohio State, the stipends are so high that they can afford laptops and regular travel.

But at McGill, the graduate students are eating kraft dinner, cannot afford a laptop, and can't see their parents once a year.
I already told you.

I got ~25K towards the end, it was ~22K in 2007. The laptop and work computer was paid for. I paid for a trip home once or twice a year. The poverty line there was ~17K or ~18K, don't remember.

At McGill, the comparable amount is ~22K for the same department, though Montreal is a much more expensive city than Columbus.

Anyway, I take back the Kraft Dinner part. I think debt is a more likely outcome. Lots of people I knew were going into debt while doing graduate degrees in Quebec. People choose debt over Kraft dinner, which is fine.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post

Oh my, averages at Ohio St. are less than McGill.
I think those numbers are based on 9 months of salary. That works out exactly right for my department.

Most people got the additional 3 months. Admittedly, I had a roommate in the English department, and she told me some of her friends didn't get summer salary.


I just checked your link again. It's as I thought, those are the 9 month salaries (some are 10 month salaries), not the annual salaries. From the first page:

Data for Benchmark/CIC institutions represents information for 9/10 month appointment

Why don't you read your own link?

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