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12-17-2012, 12:53 AM
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He's not untouchable by any means but I can't realistically see a scenario in which he's traded. The only way I could see it happening would be a massive overpayment for him, he's a young, skilled, fast, bull power forward, and he's locked up long term on a very team friendly contract. I just don't see anyone being willing to part with the kind of value that would be needed to entice Montreal to trade him away.

Let's ignore that and try to make a reasonable proposal. He's good enough that you can't piece together a package for him (you're not going to get him for Williams, Gagne, and low level prospects). It'd require a pretty close swap for similar value. A Pacioretty for Kane (I meant Evander but Patrick would fit too although MTL would have to sweeten the pot) type deal would be the ball park we're talking here. That's really the only way I could see a trade being made, a one for one swap for another young scoring forward. I can't see Montreal trading him for a defenseman, that would really improve our depth on D, but at the cost of gutting our forward corps going forward. The problem with trading him for anything other than a forward of similar talent, is that you find yourself in a situation where you've got a great defense in a few years, but by that time Cole, Gionta, and Plekanec will all be past their primes or retired. You probably can't trade him for D, you probably can't trade him for 28+ year old guys, and you don't want to trade him for prospects. Montreal's core is starting to push towards their primes, Pacioretty is 24, Subban 23, and Price 25. We're banking on Galchenyuk being ready to be an impact player in the next 2-3 seasons, so that he's ready for prime time just as these guys are hitting 26-27 years old. For that reason, it's hard to justify shipping off Pacioretty for prospects. When you have a blue chip prospect, you get excited that he can turn out as good as Pacioretty. I don't think Montreal wants to roll the dice on a prospect who may or may not be as good as him down the road.

Going forward, Montreal is building around a top 6 including Pacioretty, Galchenyuk, and perhaps Eller. Take Pacioretty out of that and it's a pretty ugly scenario unless we get Drouin or Mackinnon in the next draft. All in all, Evander Kane for Pacioretty strikes me as one of the few reasonable and realistic trades that could be made. Edmonton could perhaps offer Yakupov, but I feel like Edmonton is hoping for Yakupov to be better than Pacioretty down the line. Bobby Ryan for Pacioretty+ is possible. It does seem a little overused, but the truth is that Pacioretty is far too valuable to Montreal, and the team has far too much invested in him for anything other than a drastic overpayment to get him. Ignoring team needs and going on a strictly value basis, Pacioretty for Couture, E. Kane, Lupul, Benn, Pavelski, maybe Lucic seems to be the ballpark. He's too good for the trade to be a piecework type thing, you can't always trade quantity for quality.

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