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12-16-2012, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by kresco View Post
I understand that your core group is young but def develop slower and they dont usually hit their prime until 28-31. A young team also needs veterans who can coach the younger guys on the ice. Bowmeester would fit your core group well with his speed and being the product of both a offensive and a defensive system. Avs have a speedy team and Bowmeester has good vision and speed to make plays on the same speed as most of your team. Yes his contract is 1.8m over priced but Avs have 16M free and Bowmeesters contract is only 2 years.
We need someone who fits in with the age of our core, that's not even debatable really. We can get veteran leadership with guys like Hedjuk. Were not going to be making a huge move like trading Duchene/ROR for someone older because they bring what we can get elsewhere. He is a UFA in 2 years? Even worse. He could walk as soon as the Avs start hitting their prime. We need a long term solution if were trading ROR/Duchene. We are not ready to compete yet, so we certainly won't be trading young talent for someone like JBO who might not be here when we really would need him. Like I have said, we have no interest in anything based around ROR/Duchene for JBO.

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