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12-17-2012, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
Wonder what's up with Flacco this year? In his first three years in the NFL, he showed steady progression. Last year was a bit of a setback although he posted some solid numbers. Was a good QB - top 10-12 in the league. NOt elite, but with the team Baltimore had around him, he didn't need to be elite to win a SuperBowl, just good.

Is it a nagging injury? Something mental? Game preparedness?

Regardless, if they go with someone else it can't be a rookie in the 2013 draft. They need to dip their hands in the free agent pool. Maybe someone like Alex Smith who is reported to be available (although I hope the Vikings snag him). Baltimore is in win-now mode. That defense is not getting any younger. For that matter, they are no longer dominant (top 5 in the NFL).
Smith would be a great pickup for them if he inherited the teams Flacco has had in the past few years - going forward though I think they need something more than a game manager. It's unfortunate but they may have missed their window of opportunity. The defense is aging badly and the last few years were their best years as a team. I don't really know what they should do though. I just know I was swearing a lot and wearing my Ravens shirt with some bitterness the rest of the day.

Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
Ok how impressive is this patriot comeback?
The weird thing is they never seemed out of it. That's not to say I'm a gushing Patriots fan (I'm the opposite), just that SF couldn't finish drives early on when they earned the opportunities but capitalized when the Patriots had some ridiculous turnovers. I mean the fumble that popped straight up in the air and was ran back immediately, the interception that bounced off like 3 players before SF caught it, even the fact that SF fumbled themselves multiple times and kept recovering it, including for a touchdown on that botched snap. Never really seemed like SF was dominating the way the scoreboard indicated or that the luck wouldn't turn around at any moment.

Ugly game but incredibly entertaining. Kind of reminded me of that Jets vs Flyers (9-8?) game last year.

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