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12-17-2012, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
If you're feeling too much whip then maybe your stick is too whippy?
Yes probably but a flex rating of 72 is supposed to be stiff for me, I'm only 5'6 and 160 lbs. That's why I don't understand.

Originally Posted by Geo73 View Post
You positive it's not technique? Gripping too high with your bottom hand? Standing too tall whilst shooting?
I'm pretty positive, I've been doing it ever since I can shoot properly. Hand position, body position, knee drop, etc. Sure I make 1 or 2 mistakes at times but should not result in a flubby or too whippy feeling.

Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Should check out howtohockeydotcom's new video on Youtube. It talks exclusively about one-timers, doesn't specifically address your issue but might ring a bell when you watch his technique.
I did actually, in fact their latest video was about one-timer I believe. I subbed to them long time ago including and m2hockey ( They're all teaching all the good fundamentals, however none of them showed one-timer from passes coming directly in front of you.

Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong but don't 2-piece sticks seem stiffer than their 1-piece counterparts at the same flex rating? It could be you're expecting the stiffness you're used to with the 2-piece but you're getting the softer flex of the 1-piece? Not sure.
Yes probably but how do I address the issue without having to change sticks?
It's just the HARD passes that are coming from the front that's giving me this problem (imagine you're the passer behind the net and I'm on the high slot, then you pass it hard to me).

Hard passes from any other directions I can one-time with no problem.

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