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Originally Posted by JabbaJabba View Post
He certainly has scored good amount of points in KHL but hasn't really been that successful in national team. Also I'm not sure if he's the guy for 3rd line center job. I could see Barkov getting a chance or even using Kapanen as 3rd line center. Plus there's atleast Kontiola and Filppula who definitely could challenge for the spot (and probably others I can't remember).
I agree with you on Lehter. He needs to start producing rather soon on the NT if he wants to be even considered for the Olympics. Barkov and Kontiola are the strongest candidates for the 3rd line center spot at the moment, IMO. Kapanen may not play on the NT anymore.

My offensive lines would look something like this:

Korpikoski-Barkov-J. Jokinen

I know OJ's said he won't play on the national team anymore, but Westerlund may have a shot at convincing him to come back. Also, Armia's a long shot and he'd have to be amazing right from the start in the NHL to make the team, but this is more of an ideal lineup, not the most realistic one.

If OJ still refuses to come back, either Filppula or Granlund will center the 2nd line. If Armia doesn't make the team, J. Jokinen could be moved to the 2nd line, Bergenheim to 3rd line and a guy like Joensuu or Hartikainen can take the free 4th line winger spot.

It can be discussed whether Ruutu should be placed on the same line with Koivu anymore, but I think Granlund could benefit from Ruutu's style. Also, that line has no sniper, but then again, how many proven snipers do we have at the moment (besides Teemu, who may not even be playing come 2014)?

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