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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
I like The Dark Knight Rises the most of the three.

I rewatched Begins and Dark Knight the other day and I must say they have not aged well at all, especially Begins which was a pain to watch after the great opening.

Bane was more impressive than the Joker as a vilain even if Joker is more intriguing. Part of Bane's appeal is that he is the antithesis to the Joker; I'll always remember how the Joker tells Batman "did you really think I would let the fate of Gotham be decided in a fist fight with you?" where as Bane does just that and beats the crap out of Batman.

At the end of the day however, none of the Batman movies are good to rewatch I find: see them once and be done with it.
I heavily disagree with pretty much all of the above, but especially the bolded. I felt that Bane was done pretty horribly, personally. Aside from his truly awful voice altering, he's just not all that interesting. His entire backstory is rushed and he just ends up being nothing but some lackey for Talia that is killed off easily and out of nowhere.

To each their own though. All a matter of personal opinion, but I still believe that TDK was shafted not getting a Best Picture nomination in 2008, and for me, it holds up beautifully. Same could be said for Batman Begins but to a lesser extent.

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