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Sorry about the length...

Originally Posted by seafoam View Post
What is wrong with four very good defenseman even if three out of four are right handed?
Nothing really... but we're trying to have fun here talking ideas.

Originally Posted by SMantzas View Post
Andy Greene?
He's probably too good; therefore, too expensive. He's one of your top guys last year. But hey, if we can work something out I'd be down

Originally Posted by Flames rebuilder View Post
Chris Butler
Greg Nemisz

Paul Postma
Patrice Cormier
Butler didn't fair well for tough minutes last season...
This is possible but I'm not sure. Seems more like a #5 guy than a #4, but it's close enough that I might bite... but second thought, probably not... close though...

Originally Posted by cramdizzl View Post
I wouldn't mind having Buff in Buff

In terms of value, I have to think that the difference between Sekera and Buff is not very big at all. Sekera is a do-it-all defenseman; he can play shutdown D, great skater, great passer, and can play big minutes, while Buff can be a big-bodied offensive dynamo. They also make exactly the same salary.

When prospects like Pysyk and McNabb become full time NHL-ers, Sekera could become expendable, but I would not add much to get Big Buff. Maybe a mid-round pick. Or Gerbe, but then Jets would also have to add.
You would have to. Byfuglien has his issues but his value is still larger than Sekera.
Sekera for the first time last season faced similar minutes he would in this situation, although the OZS wasn't quite low enough, and he was beating tough minutes but not like he's destroying them.
Byfuglien on the other hand was an offensive machine, beaten only by Karlsson. He was one of 7 D in the NHL to face tough QoC, have a +5 RelCorsi (if you believe in advstats), and score 5v5 +1.00 pts/60. The remainder of that list is Chara, Karlsson, Timonen, Nikitin, Bieksa, and Letang... pretty big company for results...
I'm not talking adding Grigs or Girgs, I know those guys are probably untouchable... but some addition is needed to level that playing field.

Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
Henrik Tallinder for Patrice Cormier
Originally Posted by Zippy316 View Post
Cormier is not needed. I wouldn't mind seeing a Tallinder for Antropov trade, but Antropov is a UFA at years end.
I like Tallinder a lot. He's slightly better than Hainsey and similar in how he polarizes fan-bases, but this exercise is really looking for someone with max age of 28ish, since we're talking 3+ years down the road type picture. Side note: interesting Ponikarovsky isn't in the talks for you guys he did a good job on your guys 3rd line.

Originally Posted by 4thLinePlug View Post
Doug Murray for Patrice Cormier?
Tempting, but Hainsey (current #4) had a similar usage this season and did better. Plus he's tad younger. More expensive right now, but if he'd re-sign, he'd likely be cheaper next contract.

Originally Posted by domon View Post
Would Marc-Edouard Vlasic qualify? What would his return be?
Your fellow SJS fan seems to think he over qualifies (TheJuxtaposer)... which may be. If so, the price may be too rich for the Jets.

Originally Posted by glenbuis View Post
Subban could b on the market 4 the rite price. Yeah something like bogosian.
Point of this is to complete the Jets future top4 by finding a #4... not trading our future #1 for some other teams #1...

Originally Posted by skywarp75 View Post
ballard could be had for cheap and his speed might work well with buff
No... we'd do better to re-signing Hainsey. He'd probably be lower contract than current (and therefore cheaper), is better than Ballard, and similar age.
And, this is a Byfuglienless scenario.

Originally Posted by BigMacJokinen View Post
Agreed, Hjalmarsson is a great fit and easily affordable too. Antropov would be kind of a fit however he is a UFA so deal doesn't work for him at this point. Maybe next summer something could be worked though, at age 25 he is perfect fit for Winnipeg.

Or maybe Chicago packages Hjalmarsson with some forward prospects or something (obviously a big plus needed) to get Byfuglien back
This sounds along the lines of what I was thinking!
Now looking at Hockey Prosepectus (if it is to be trusted), your two best are LW, followed by two C's.
Teuvo Teravainen
Brandon Saad
Brandon Pirri
Mark McNeill

...which one were you thinking of... All their timelines would work out I think. If Jets went with one of the C, 3 years down the road the top9/top4 format for the Jets would be


I could buy into that with maybe a pick sweetner for not taking a top prospect.

Originally Posted by showtime8 View Post
I think a guy like Adam Pardy is right in Winnipeg's wheelhouse.
not sure if serious....
Pardy needs sheltering and is not a tough mins dman...

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