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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Totally agree with pretty much all of this post. Hardy carried Bane, a character that wasn't handled properly by the writers. Gave Bane a significant presence that the script couldn't.
And that's the thing with my opinion on Tom Hardy's performance as Bane: I wasn't impressed. However, this has much more to do with the overall character itself that gave Tom Hardy very, very little to work with. I feel with how Bane was written (and especially with the voice work) the role would be almost as effective if any other actor would of taken the part. I absolutely love Tom Hardy as an actor (if you're a fan of his, Bronson is a must see; absolutely fantastic acting), but I feel that he wasn't given enough to do with this character to really show off his true potential and true acting capabilities.

This can also be echoed for JGL's character.

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