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12-17-2012, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Corky View Post
You do know that this study was invalidated because it conveniently did not include research subsidies for the rest of Canada but included them for Quebec. If you use the same basis for both set of universities, you get a result that universities in Qc are massively underfunded compared to the ROC. Basically, the author wanted to prove a point and decided to fudge the numbers in order to do so. This is intellectual dishonesty at its finest.

This also does not take into account the fact that universities in the rest of Canada are given a lot more donations from the local population than in Quebec. This is something that should not surprise anyone considering the high income tax in Qc.
Holy damn are you serious? Intellectual dishonesty indeed !!!

Originally Posted by Corky View Post
This, but the increase in investment need to be funded by the students as the average QC taxpayer is already contributing enough to our "wonderful" social model. There is basically no more room for tax increases considering the highest bracket at 49.97% plus city tax plus highest sales tax in Canada plus highest oil tax in Canada plus highest alcohol cost in Canada.
Yeah it's pretty bad. If Quebec could have Cadillac social programs to go with the highest taxes in the western hemisphere it would be one thing; but it instead has horrible hospitals, dilapidated infrastructure, a mediocre public school system, etc etc etc.

The future doesn't look good. I didn't envy Charest because he looked like he was serious about trying to improve things. Marois? I don't know that she realizes there's a problem.

Something has to give. There are no easy solutions.

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