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12-17-2012, 08:10 AM
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8 year CBA with an opt-out after 6

8 year term limits.

The NHL is stuck at 5 years. There are NHL people who hate the 5 years.

NHL offer

10 year CBA with an opt-out after 8

5 years and 7 years term limits

The NHL refuses to bargain and negotiate off of that.

6 and 7 on the contract limits. By all indications,the players are agreeable to a long term CBA.

The cap on escrow in the NBA is 10%. The owners take 10% of the the player salaries and put into escrow. Then they determine how much escrow is needed at the end of the season. 1% of the players share is set aside for a post career benefits fund. Anything above 10% comes out of the fund. The players have their money returned to them if its less than 10%.

The transition issues. In the summer,Bettman referenced the NBA deal being 50-50. He doesn't want everything in the NBA deal. One amnesty buyout per team. Two year transition cap. None of this about the cap dropping $12M in year two. The heavy luxury taxes don't start until year three.

The PA wants a different transition period. Amnesty/compliance buyouts. $67.25M cap for two seasons. Look at how many teams will be in a tough spot with a $60M cap with no compliance buyouts. Players playing in the AHL or Europe counting against the cap. Fehr is wrong for proposing more flexibility in the transition?

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