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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post

8 year CBA with an opt-out after 6

8 year term limits.

The NHL is stuck at 5 years. There are NHL people who hate the 5 years.

NHL offer

10 year CBA with an opt-out after 8

5 years and 7 years term limits

The NHL refuses to bargain and negotiate off of that.

6 and 7 on the contract limits. By all indications,the players are agreeable to a long term CBA.

The cap on escrow in the NBA is 10%. The owners take 10% of the the player salaries and put into escrow. Then they determine how much escrow is needed at the end of the season. 1% of the players share is set aside for a post career benefits fund. Anything above 10% comes out of the fund. The players have their money returned to them if its less than 10%.

The transition issues. In the summer,Bettman referenced the NBA deal being 50-50. He doesn't want everything in the NBA deal. One amnesty buyout per team. Two year transition cap. None of this about the cap dropping $12M in year two. The heavy luxury taxes don't start until year three.

The PA wants a different transition period. Amnesty/compliance buyouts. $67.25M cap for two seasons. Look at how many teams will be in a tough spot with a $60M cap with no compliance buyouts. Players playing in the AHL or Europe counting against the cap. Fehr is wrong for proposing more flexibility in the transition?
50 game season
Compliance buyouts by Larry Brookes proposed formula
Cap this year $67,25 M
Cap next year $65 M
10% escrow on cap
50/50 split with latest "make whole" proposal
6 and 8 year maximum contract lengths. Restrictions on sign and trade.
10% annual variance maximum on all contracts
New rules on premature retirement due to injury not counting against full cap hit.
Larger new NHL contracts count against cap whilst in AHL or Europe
Possibility to buy cap space according to previous NHL proposal
$200 M ( indexed) revenue sharing pot
Winnipeg has to go west ASAP.
10 year CBA with an opt-out after 8

Drop the puck.
Die on your hill, Bill
Gary and the Fehrs both get fired respectively

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