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Originally Posted by TheWook View Post
This sure would be a nice year to have more than 1 first rounder. Hmm who can we trade?
Part of the reason I'm hoping there's a season is so that we can move some assets for more picks. One needn't look further than the haul Jonny Oduya brought the Jets (2013 2nd, 2013 3rd) to understand that Leopold would have serious value at the deadline. If there's no season, that's a wasted asset. Ditto for Regehr--who I think would pull a very nice package given that he has a playoff air about him--if the team decides it isn't going to re-sign him. Now, Leo won't net a 1st rounder, and I don't know if Regehr would, either--much would depend on how he played to that point--but they'd be nice assets to put on the market.

To your point, CBJ has three 1st rounders in the upcoming draft: their own, LA's, and NYR's. Based on the draft formula in the event of a cancelled season, CBJ would have a 10% chance at getting the #1 pick. If there's a fanbase who may be rooting for a cancelled season, it may be Columbus' considering both NYR and LA would likely be picking in the 20's if there's a season. Then again, with Columbus' draft lottery luck, or lack thereof, they'd probably have three picks late in the 1st round.

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