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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
Sure, they will need some time to grow and develop, and at the NHL level too. Make the playoffs, get spanked and exit early. Then, win a round or two. Then, finally be a team that has a legitimate chance of winning a cup.

Two years is likely a bit ambitious, and may indeed take more than that, but I'm thinking within four years these players could be (hopefully) contributing at a significant level. The good part is you lock them up, and they are key contributors for a number of years on a playoff caliber team.

I get what your saying bob but I think your timelines a little off. I'd be floorI'd id trouba was capable of #3 #4 minutes in less then 4 years. That means 5 for a drafted LHD. A goalies going to take at least five as well.

That makes LLW all 30+ in the unlikely event they stick around that long.

Frankly, as Holdens mentioned before, were kinda out of time to "build from within" if. were keeping LLW and bug S part of the core. Wed practically have to start over focusing on only bongo and Kane as our current keepers.

Mix in the probability that were almost garanteed(statistically) to have one of schief/teouba/pick disappoint and that outlook gets real grim real quick.

I agree those are the pieces we need, but realistically I don't think we have the time to draft them...

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