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Originally Posted by usiel View Post
Err I thought the episode rocked.
Figured out last night what draws me in about this show: how much the guy writing it understands psychology. No one here knows this, but one of my hats is that I am a certified counselor. I don't work in the field, and disagree with many of the modern notions, but have the certification, nonetheless.

One of the things I learned was that, a while back, a neurologist discovered an unknown (at that time) path between the emotional part of the brain, and the part that does the higher reasoning.
He termed it the "low road" because it's very fast-acting. Humans developed the path so we could react quickly in the event of danger, thus saving our lives.
But, this path can also cloud reasoning when we're not in physical danger, but are in a highly emotional state.

Whoever writes the script, I'd wager, at very least, has training in the field, and did well in the classes. His scripts are spot-on as to low-road behavior.

Can't wait until next season!

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