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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
Yeah, the players have a small window, so why do they seem to be willing to throw away a full season? A season where the average salary will be $2.3m?

An NHL career is around 5 years - the players are willing to lose 20% of their career earning potential?

For very minimal give-back to the owners. The vast majority of NHLPA members will see no change to their everyday hockey life and earning big checks.

owner worship?? Not quite, no one is worshipping the owners. But the owners do make it possible for there to even be an NHL. And they treat their employees quite well - they even having the nerve to pay them the draconian amount of 2.3m. b*******!
Most players are not very bright. How many have been to college? How many even graduated from high school. The players not making much money are listening to their agents and union leadership. Both their advisers are concerned about making as much money as possible. And they do this by increasing the total salaries. They don't care about individual players. And certainly not the guy making the league minimum.

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