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12-17-2012, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Hooah4 View Post
try ZMA for recovery...helps with the soreness a bit, plus recovery the next day is better IMO.
My son and I take it every night after a game as well.

By air squats do you mean bodyweight/hindu squats? I always alternate squats/kb during my routines.
I am going to try and see a doctor this week. I've had a cough that comes up after I eat and/or do any physical activity for about nine months. I get that I'm a little overweight and I have coughed during/after hockey for five years but it's gotten worse and there has to be something that's causing it. I'm the only person I've seen who coughs severely for several minutes after any physical activity to the point of getting light headed and nearly puking.

Yes it's bodyweight squats.

Still trying to figure out the upper body workout. Will play around with more exercises this week.

Hockey last night...I had about 5 shots on goal, 5 missed shots, and 4 shots that I tipped from the point on goal. Nothing. We lost 4-0. This sucks. I've gotten 27 shots on goal this year with nothing to show for it. With my lifetime shooting average, I should have 3-4 goals by now.

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