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Originally Posted by strungout View Post
I also loved the thing with Quinn...and him being in Estes bedroom and the "I kill bad guys" line.

Now after what happened, and knowing that if he had carried out what he was supposed to and him not doing it led to Brody's truck being where it was...well, he should be pretty upset about things...even though he one of a few that know when that video was tape and what it was taped for as compared to what it was used for.

Sets up a lot for the next season, that's for sure.

Yeah... loved that bedroom scene between Quinn & Estes. That line will be remembered like the "Go ahead, make my day" line is remembered.

I kept trying to figure out if it'll turn out that Brody actually did it. Did seem a little too lucky that he got himself & Carrie out, just in time.

We figured the guy making the fake ID must not have had the tv on in the room he was working in: aiding Brody is espionage and possible treason. They hang people for that.

AND... how powerful of an image was the final scene when they initially scanned all of those wrapped bodies?

Like to know how fast that SUV Carrie drove back in is. Terry grew up near where she dropped Brody off, and she says it's at least a 12 hour drive back. Had to be the next day, and I guess that makes sense, as it took time to id and wrap the bodies.

Quinn will figure heavily into next season... and I cannot wait!!!!!

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