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12-17-2012, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Hammer79 View Post
The Canucks are 4th in team revenues btw, ahead of the Flyers and behind only Montreal, Toronto and NY Rangers. The big 3 Canadian teams would emerge the winners in a cap-free voided contract environment. I doubt the NHL will be able to get all contracts voided though. I'm hoping that the legal threats are just fall-back plans, and they will come to an agreement like the NBA did when it came to this point. However, if all players become UFA, so much for teams like Edmonton that tried to rebuild through the draft.
Vancouver may be 4th in revenues, but it wouldn't mean all that much as I believe the report stated that the Leafs, Rangers and Canadiens make more than the rest of the league combined.

For the record it is a lot more likely that the NHLPA would want the contracts voided than the NHL.

If all contracts were voided and every player became a free agent, what star would ever sign in Columbus willingly? Or Phoenix? Or Nashville? Toronto would offer up $20 mill for Crosby or Malkin easily. Edmonton has some money, but do you really think they could afford to match offers of $10 mil for all of their big 4? I think 10-15 of the franchises would fold if all contracts got voided, or the sport would look like the EPL where only 5-6 "big" teams actually compete, the rest just jockey for position as a formality and hope to develop some good prospects they can sell for money / profit down the line.

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