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12-17-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
But teams *did* stray from Grigorenko and Forsberg even after the Pens went, supposedly, off-the-board with Pouliot. Obviously neither Grigs nor Forsberg were clear-cut top 10 picks considering neither went top 10.
They went 11th and 12th and two teams picked off the board for players whom they had hard-ons for.

Go figure that both had two picks in the first round with one top ten and both being D-man.

One actually needs them and the other is drowning in them.

It comes down to the point that the Pens could afford to pick in a position they actually have "more" need for in coming seasons and can afford to do so.

Keep trading for players with D-man and have to pay the final finished product pricing, or take a chance on a highly skilled forward and reap the rewards of an ELC?

My other feeling is the D-man model of trades that everyone sees Shero pulling off is probably closing looking at how much attention to taking D-man early has been going on.

Now look at who'll he'll have to jump over to get a foot hold. They don't have this problem at forward.

The position requires more just by volume, and the clear path on the roster speaking to UFA's and RFA's speaks loudly.

Now factor in a lower cap.

Is it feasible to keep trading away young cheap D-man for more costing forwards who're finished products, and require top salaries almost immediately?

This doesn't even speak to the lack of forward prospects now at Bennett & Kunhackl as the main stay with Tangradi not really a prospect anymore who's really one bad season from being parted ways with.

I don't think anyone is tearing down Pouliot as a player, just that with the mass of high quality D-man they already have doesn't require him as the pick at #8.

It's their comfort level I know, that's pretty sad.

Some of you are OK with the pick, fine, some of us are not. This isn't about a Staal situation picking from one top center of another so, JTG, this shouldn't be an issue.

It's picking a D-man off the board when you have plenty of that in droves.

How about them keep picking top D-man in the mid to late 1st round. That seems to be their strong suite. Picking in the top ten other than #1 #2 is pretty bad.

There's more than enough to warrant talk both ways, but the player isn't being torn down in order to do it.

I welcome Derrick Pouliot to organization, but I feel he'll be made redundant and wasted his true potential to the team in cost effectiveness. If he's this great so young, he should be playing next season or the season after that at #8 at what would be 20/21 years old.

In that time he'll have to make either Kris Letang or Joe Morrow redundant.

I think he has a hill to climb, and it's not all about ability.

Those are my feelings whether you like them or not.

Edit: disclaimer, this is not solely aimed at anyone one person.

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