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12-17-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by palindrom View Post
Are you aware that even if its not the most probable path, there is a not negligible probability that Max Pac just had his best year in career and wont repeat a 30+ goals season again ?

The average age for a NHL forward career peak is 25yo, but there are a number of them who peak at 23yo.

Any of you remember Christopher Higgins at 24yo, while he was for a short time the best NHL goals scorer?

Many Montreal fans labeled him at this time as one of the most unrated player of the league and he was one of our most valuable asset, the kind of player you wanna build a team around for a decade.

Well, he never reached the 20 goals again.
Which is exactly why it'd be stupid to move him now from either perspective. The team Montreal trades him to might give a lot, just so Pacioretty declines into a 20 goals scorer. In that situation, Montreal could run straight to the bank with the pieces given for him.

On the flipside, that team might get a consistent 35-40 goal scorer and Montreal might end up with mediocre players or busts. The future is uncertain for Pacioretty, he hasn't yet proven he can be a 30-35 goal scorer year in and year out, we don't exactly know what we'll get of him.

A player like Plekanec is proven and you know exactly what you'll get from him. 20-30 in a mediocre year, 25-35 in a good year, 30-40 in a great year. He's always between 50-70 pts and good for 20-30 goals. It'd be much easier to move a player like him than Pacioretty who, for all we know, may turn into a 40-40 guy or a 20-20 one.

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