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12-17-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by atomic View Post
Teams can't just move. they have leases. You can't just contract teams. People paid for the teams. I just don't get how all these canadian people on this forum think the answer is moving teams. I am sure same canadian fans didn't like it when teams in winnipeg and quebec city moved out and there was talk of moving edmonton or calgary. No one here in the US was saying get rid of the canadian teams last lock out...
Hey, your preaching to the choir. Relocation is a nightmare (Leases' amongst other issues); Bankruptcy is beyond messy (see Phoenix); Contraction beyond impracticable.... then you have the massive costs & expenditures made over the past 10, 20 or 30yrs. A market cultivated but bearing little yield for reasons unique to their individual locations yet unanimous in their support of a lowering of the players take in a desperate attempt to lower costs, the league itself seemingly unwilling to address the issue of dramatically increasing RS. The moneys simply not available, and good luck trying to squeeze it out of the Toronto's, New York's & Philadelphia's of the world. Not happening.

I cant speak for all Canadians, dont pretend to, and probably more than 60% of them here disagree with me anyway when it comes to Relo's, however, they have a better than strong argument. And that is that if after a decade or more Team X,Y or Z still cant pull their own wagons, then they should be moved to markets where that wont be a concern, markets hungry for the NHL brand, underserved. Practically speaking, legally, a total nightmare to contemplate as per Leases etc in moving teams, the loss of faith, face & integrity doing so ultimately engenders, the open admission really that the NHL doesnt really know whats it doing & failed & so on & so forth.... and I dont even want to get into the fictions about how the NHL has somehow been operating under the premises of benevolence & munificence, "growing the game". Utter nonsense. If they were, they'd have actually done something about that instead of simply cashing the Expansion Fee Checks.

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